Who Should Build Your Website?

Your website is the most important marketing asset for your organization. It’s the digital version of your business and the billions of internet users will likely be introduced to your brand on your website first.

So, if you need to freshen up your website or need to build a new one who do you turn to? A website developer? A creative designer? A marketing person? Even though all three are important, the distinction between them matters.

The Marketer

The marketer helps to guide the creation of the website so it delivers and meets the goals of your business. A marketer ensures that your brand and purpose are woven into every section and that it will perform the functions and duties necessary to deliver value for your organization.

The Designer

The designer helps create the visual look and feel of the digital version of you. They capture a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing experience. They help develop the user experience through color, graphics, fonts, and placement. The designer is a crucial component of the website development process.

The Developer

The developer is the construction crew of your website. They build the fully-functional website and ensure that it works well, loads fast, and is optimized for mobile devices. The developer needs to know if the website will have any blogs, contact forms, social media integration, landing pages for paid advertising. They will take guidance from the marketer and designer when creating the site.

We Can Help

Here at JMS we help with all three so you can concentrate on your job. We deliver an outstanding digital experience that will evolve with your business. Ask us how we can help!