Design, development, hosting, and maintenance ... all in one place.

What We Do

We develop and maintain websites that get you noticed!

Digital Experiences

Your website is the first place customers go to research your products and services, verify your credibility and learn more about your business. Make it a destination visitors will remember and revisit.

Website Design


Your website should reflect your brand personality and give off an inviting vibe.

Our experienced architects and skilled designers take the time to understand your business and bring a vision to life.

Website Development


Whether you want to launch a new website or rework your existing website, JMS can help. We give your business an impressively unique online presence, and increased online visibility.

We build a website that is scalable and evolves with your needs.

Mobile optimization


The chances that someone visits your website on their mobile device or tablet are greater than their desktop computer.

We develop your website to be optimized on mobile devices and tablets so it looks and functions beautifully.

Search Engine Optimization


SEO allows search engines like Google understand what’s on your website, the value you have to offer, and how you connect to relevant keywords.

We use modern SEO services to increase your traffic and rankings that drive visitors to your site.



We securely host your website, nightly backups and free SSL certificates.

We continuously monitor your websites performance and speed and react immediately if something needs our attention. Rest assured your site will operate without interruption or slow speeds.



After your website is launched we continue to maintain your site so it continues to deliver for you.

We are here so your website evolves with you and meets your needs.

If you already have a website and need someone to maintain it, we can help.

Innovation and Style

We merge innovation, style and functionaity into our websites.