The Problem Working with Graphic Designers

Working with creative people and graphic designers has its challenges. I’ve hired agencies and freelance graphic designers in my past corporate life with varying results. Here are four things I’ve learned about working with graphic designers and how we take a different approach at Joy Marketing Services.

1. Designers Don’t Understand the Objective

Most designers have not been marketers or have been in a business role. They often can’t, and don’t, take the time to grasp what is trying to be achieved when creating a design asset. The typical designer simply doesn’t “get it” and can’t deliver a high-quality idea.

2. Poor Quality

Often, most designers don’t try to understand the client’s business, brand, and market. This leads to the inability to deliver an asset that meets the need… in some cases, they deliver something that wasn’t expected. Then the back-and-forth communications begin to try and right the ship that will never get on course.

3. Extended or Missed Deadlines

Marketers and business professionals need to launch their campaigns, products, services, and brand quickly. This often means they are waiting for the graphics designer to provide a swift turn-around time. In many cases, designers don’t meet the moment and it compromises the launch.

4. Additional Costs

Most designers charge by the hour and the longer a design project takes the higher the cost. Making revisions can also be expensive, although, they are always needed. Let’s face it, rounds of revisions are part of the design process and can be unpredictable as collaboration and ideas are exchanged… why can’t is just be baked into the cake?

How do we avoid these frustrations?

  1. We get it… we take the time to understand your goals, objectives, brand, marketing positioning. We then deliver a high-quality design asset that meets the moment.

  2. We deliver quickly. The faster we can get an initial concept in front of you the faster we can help you get to market.

  3. Our pricing is one flat rate. That includes revisions… even if we need extra revisions. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve delivered an asset and a week later the client has another thought. No problem, let’s make the change and move forward.

  4. Easy partnership. We are not difficult to work with (you have enough challenges to deal with), we are here to make your life easier, not harder.